Something truly amazing is happening in the UK!  That is the emerging world of CivTech and this is your chance to use innovation and digital technology  to improve public sector services.  It doesn’t matter who you are: Startup, Entrepreneur, Charity or ordinary Joe Bloggs  anyone can be involved in CivTech and be a part of making everyone’s life a little better.

Best of all – you don’t even need an idea to start with!

So what is CivTech Forum?  We are a community of people who live, breathe and play CivTech  and want to share it with everyone who is interested.  Our community will consist of leading innovators in the Civtech space and those that would like to learn more or engage with them.

Events  – Over the next coming months  we will be running a series of events and talks by industry experts. Our aim is to bring everyone within CivTech together to discuss a variety of topics from think tanks to service platforms.

General News  – We will also be sending out frequent news updates, keeping you up to date with the latests innovations in  the CivTech Community.

If you are interested  in finding out more please do sign up and get involved. It’s the best way to meet  amazing people that share the same passion as you  or are just as intrigued in learning more.

We look forward to seeing you at future CivTech Forum Events.



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