The Civ Tech Revolution

A new wave of companies are springing up across London: Civ Tech startups. Civ Tech is a relatively recent term encompassing businesses seeking to positively disrupt government through technology. Governments as we know can be slow, weighed down by bureaucracy and stifled by administration. Civ Tech seeks to change that.

Civ Tech for better government

Not to be confused with Gov Tech or Civic Tech, which are each explained on the CivTech Forum, Civ Tech startups are a new breed. The biggest industry in the world is government, with government expenditure making up more than 48% of the economy in the UK and over 50% in much of the rest of Europe. There is money to be made in making governments run better. Civ Tech startups are innovative, groundbreaking and VC investible.

The Rain Gods are on the leading edge of these changes, bringing organisations together with the mission to build better government in the UK and around the world. A core hub for these innovative startups is just a short walk from Whitehall – The Rain Cloud Victoria. The Rain Cloud takes a different approach to most co-working spaces and incubators. The focus there is on creating the right kind of ecosystem for businesses to succeed. Downstairs you’ll find political organisations, lobbying groups, think tanks and other established organisations. Upstairs hosts the start ups. This innovative set up allows for easy networking and collaboration: precisely what a Civ Tech startup needs to flourish and change governments for the better.

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Want to be part of the community? Contact us and let’s see how we can work together.


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