How Big Data and Artificial Intelligence impact Democracy and open a door for Civ Tech

In Scientific American, a group of academics recently asked: “Will Democracy Survive Big Data and Artificial Intelligence?” The piece told us, “in 2016 we produced as much data as in the entire history of humankind through 2015.” This is important progress. In the age of societal reorganisation driven by technological advancements, the very core of how government functions is now liable to change. So how does democracy survive this new technology? Well in part through partnerships between governments and Civ Tech companies.

Civ Tech, short for Civic Technologies, is a term intended to act as a catch all for start-ups looking to bring digital disruption to government. This is a new area made possible in part by Big Data.


Big Data and Civ Tech: Open Doors

The Civ Tech revolution is here. Entrepreneurs who want to use their skills to build better government in the UK and around the world are beginning to find the right doors open. The Rain Cloud Victoria start-up incubator in Westminster has been in “beta stage” since quietly accepting its first members in September 2016. Now, with around 65 members, The Rain Cloud is on the hunt for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to develop businesses that can provide new services to government or are built on the data that it produces.

Are you interested in making governments better through Civ Tech? Get in touch.


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