In order to run effectively, governments store masses of data on their citizens. For the most part this data is kept secure.

On Friday 12th May hackers launched ransomware attacks in 150 countries; locking users’ files and demanding payment to grant access. 60 UK NHS trusts, hospitals and surgeries were affected. Staff had to work around the clock to keep hospitals going after a cyber attack and many were forced to cancel treatment.

NHS Cyber attack

Experts say more ransomware cases are likely and The National Cyber Security Centre has been advising firms on how to protect computers. Most of the advice around is focused on damage control such as backing up data.

CivTech startup CyNation are working to improve cyber security. They do this by providing innovative, end-to-end cyber security and information compliance solutions that encompass people, processes and technology. In essence, creating an enterprise wide culture which enables organisations to become more resilient and effective against threats. CyNation say: “A major incident like this goes to show that everyone is vulnerable to attacks and it is important to ensure your organisation is secure.”

Do you have an idea for improving national cyber security? Come along to our first event – Civ Tech Forum Meetup: Working on the Public Service Monopoly.


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