On Monday 6th June 2017 we hosted our first CivTech Forum Meetup – Working on the Public Service Monopoly. Attendees included government officials, think tanks, startups and politicians.

Civ Tech Forum Meetup Lord Patel of Bradford

The event opened with some words from Lord Patel of Bradford on the exciting possibilities inherent in Civ Tech. He told us about the change that he has seen and his hopes that more positive change will come through Civ Tech startups.


Tim from The Rain Cloud spoke about the need for better technology in government; the biggest industry in the world. Dan from MegaNexus shared data from his CivTech startup that has now been supplying services to local government and the prison sector for 10 years. Kathryn from Represent.Me shared election data just a few days before the vote.

The networking, facilitated by Chance & Community Chess Cards, has already lead to new contracts and commercially valuable partnerships for some of the attendees. One lucky Chance card recipient – Dominick Moxon-Tritsch of Public Policy Matters – was selected at random to win a bottle of champagne in exchange for his offer to connect with a Civ Tech startup.

This event was sponsored and hosted by The Rain Cloud Victoria.

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