On Tuesday 13 February, the CivTechForum, together with The Rain Gods and Spend Network, will be hosting a round table discussion on SMEs and government procurement.
Recent events concerning major service suppliers to UK government, including Carillion and Capita, have highlighted the extent to which a large proportion of services have become concentrated in realtively few hands. Senior government figures, such as Liam Maxwell, now the UK’s National Technology Advisor, have championed open standards and online platforms that make it easier for new start ups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to service government needs and diversify the supply base. But, despite ambitious government targets for spending with smaller suppliers, the numbers remain stubbornly fixed or are even declining.

This roundtable discussion will hear new analysis of public spending, discuss the implications and explore areas of agreement on ways to improve SMEs access to public procurement enabling innovative new solutions to benefit the public sector. Attendees will include representatives of


• The Mayor of London’s Office
• The New Local Government Network
• Grant Thornton
• Meganexus Ltd
Places are limited and the organisers will prioritise those best able to participate. Public sector attendees (from local or national government or other bodies) are particularly welcome.
Feel free to share with your networks. Book a place by emailing tim@theraingods.com

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