On Monday 12th February we hosted the first CivTech Forum Meetup of 2018. The Event was designed to continue working on the public service monopoly through expert talks and guided networking.

Our first speaker was Fotis Talantzis, CEO of Novoville, a successful start-up that aims to redesign the way citizens interface with their local councils. He explained how the Novoville app allows 40 local councils across Europe to access all incoming requests from local citizens. Through Novoville’s partnership with Facebook, even those that aren’t engaged in politics and local government are represented and helped through the data collected. The partnership demonstrated that simply asking people their opinion can start engagement.
 Next Jessica Studdert, Deputy Director of NLGN spoke about how their members influence their think tank work, helping the sector to move from a short time focus to being future focused. NLGN is an organisation creating a local government sector characterised by the relentless pursuit of social impact and social change, through research, peer-to-peer learning, innovative communications and influencing. As part of their work, NLGN encourages a transformation culture in local councils to “empower positive change.”



Once again, networking was facilitated by Chance & Community Chess Cards, prompting offers of connections, investment and collaboration. The randomly selected winner of a champagne prize was Alex MacDonald of Apolitical.

This event was sponsored and hosted by The Rain Cloud Victoria.

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