When it comes to GovTech and CivTech innovations, a great deal can be learnt from US examples. Recently the state of Louisiana enlisted the machine learning and data processing services of Splunk Enterprise to consolidate IT departments across 20 executive branches. The move saved the government $70 million as well as improving efficiencies and citizen experiences.

So is this replicable in the UK?

Well CivTech company Novoville have signed up 40 councils to save costs and improve citizen engagement through the use of their free mobile app for citizens and live dashboard for local councils. Similarly Babylon are bringing HealthTech to the NHS and improving access to GPs through a mobile service and MegaNexus work to improve data services across the justice, healthcare and employability sectors.

The move towards GovTech and CivTech is a welcome change at the precise moment it’s needed: Government spending is high whilst citizen satisfaction is low. To improve the situation at a time when schools, the NHS and the prison sector are under considerable budgetary constraints is precisely what governments want, and new CivTech companies are in the position to innovate and deliver disruption to the government in the best possible way. US examples of such as Louisiana’s roll out of Splunk serve as a positive sign for the future efficiencies and cost savings of government departments through strategic private partnerships.


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