This list of UK based Civ Tech companies is regularly updated. Please contact us with submissions.


CyNation – Improving cyber security & compliance. cynation
 MegaNexus – Market leader in secure data-partnership systems. meganexus.png
Represent – Digitising democracy. representme
Simple Politics – Simplifying the world of UK politics and helping you stay on top of it. simplepolitics
 Sentisum – Establish customer or service user emotional states from data. sentisum
 Spend Network – Provides insight and analysis for public sector spending to help suppliers and government to forge lasting partnerships. spend network
 Focal Data – Use AI to predict public opinion. Focal Data
 Open Opps – Publish tenders from across the globe openly. openopps
MobiCycle – Smart city infrastructure for electronic waste. mobicycle
 Babylon – Improving access to GPs through tech. babylon_logo_300px_stacked_purple
 Novoville – Bridging the gap between cities and citizens through a free mobile app for citizens and a live dashboard for local authorities.


 Tussell – The authoritative data source on UK government contracts.

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The Rain Cloud Victoria

Impact Hub Westminister